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Hello, I’m Bill Pace,
an established screenwriter & filmmaker
who is also a screenwriting & film teacher/consultant.

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Picture Start. How perfect that the classic academy film leader begins with those two words, because the start of all motion pictures begins with one thing: the script

That’s where you come in. And —  if you find you need help creating the best screenplay possible — where I can too. I am a produced screenwriter/filmmaker, veteran screenwriting teacher & Screenwriting Adviser for NYC’s The New School Screenwriting Certificate program (listed as one of the “10 Best Academic Programs for Aspiring Screenwriters”). You can find me listed as a resource in, well, the bible of screenwriting:


So please explore my site to see what I offer and what I may be able to do to help you and your project. A good place to start may be my blog where I regularly post on topics of concern for screenwriters and filmmakers. I’m also often posting on Twitter and you can follow me at @ScripTeach for daily info, musings and observations.

Here’s a short video interview of me featured on Final Draft’s SCRIPT magazine online site when I was at a NYC #ScriptChat Twitter screenwriting group meet-up answering questions about why you might want to hire a script consultant.

NYC ScriptChat Meet-Up Interview (video shot & edited by Miles Maker)

Thanks for stopping in and I hope I your visit was a rewarding one. But whether you end up following me or using my services or not, whatever you do … Keep On Writing!