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Chad Kinkle script JUG FACE won Slamdance’s Screenwriting & Teleplay Competition and he went on to direct the film. This fascinating and intense feature film premiered at this year’s Slamdance’s and is picking up all kinds of glowing reviews, like this one here. The film will be distributed later this year by Moderncine.

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Thomas Bentey is a writer/director who I worked with on his feature debut, AT THE JERSEY SHORE. His film is now available on iTunes and, and here is a great interview with him on Talent Spotlight Magazine.

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“Southern Fried Horror” writer Chad Kinkle has just received some awesome news — his script JUG FACE is one of the Top Three Finalists in Slamdance’s Screenwriting & Teleplay Competition! That means he has already won…

The top three screenwriters in each category will receive prize packages that include Festival Passes good for all screenings and parties at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (January 2012).

The top three screenwriters in the Feature and Horror category are eligible for membership in the Writers Guild of America’s Independent Writers Caucus.

The top three screenwriters in each category will receive merchandise from the Slamdance SHOP (T-shirts, DVDs, etc.).

The top three screenwriters in each category will be included in the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival program which is distributed to industry professionals in Park City and year round.

Production companies, studios, top agencies and managers request to read our top scripts.

But that is only the cherry on top of a big sundae of good news for JUG FACE; it’s also placed in Orlando, FL’s Freak Show Horror Film Festival and the 2011 Chicago Horror Film Festival.

BTW, if you’re curious, this is what a real jug face looks like:

Yeah … pretty creepy. But nowhere as creepy as the Chad’s chilling script!


  • Talented and prolific writer (and fimmaker) Irin Evers and his writing partner John Barlowe have won the June edition of the Script Savvy screenwriting contest with their boy-band comedy OUT OF SYNC. The logline lets you know exactly the focus of the action:

    A disgraced manager attempts to reunite a former boy band, only to find out that the now 40 year-old “boys” are woefully past their prime.

    Irin wrote to tell me that:

    “Of all the contests I’ve placed in [Script Savvy has] gotten the most reads and Donna White (who runs it) really pushes to get the scripts out there.”

    Good to hear and here’s to OUT OF SYNC being in sync with script readers & buyers soon.



  • Irin Ivers urban drama THE WAY IT SPINS just won the Script Savvy contest with a near perfect score (59 out of 60)! I’ve worked with Irin on several of his scripts, all of which have one awards at contests. In fact, his scripts have placed in many contests, winning a total of 54 awards! You can read more about him here on his website: Irin Evers.


  • Megan Parsons bawdy yet touching comedy FRESHLY POPPED has … Well, let’s VARIETY tell it in its own inimitable style: “

Overture picks Parsons’ ‘Popped’!

As the article says:

“Overture Films has purchased teen comedy spec “Freshly Popped,” penned by tyro scribe Megan Parsons, and set it up with Steve Tisch, Jason Blumenthal and Todd Black at their Escape Artists banner.

And as another artcle in HOLLYWOOD REPORTER goes on to state:

Overture Films is putting “Freshly Popped” into the microwave. The Megan Parsons-written spec project, a teen comedy from the producers of “The Pursuit of Happyness,” was picked up for development by Overture.

In an unusual turn, newcomer Parsons was actually on a cruise to Antarctica when the spec was sent out and only heard of the sale upon reaching the continent.

Escape Artists, which was behind “Happyness” and is also producing the Tony Scott remake of “The Taking of Pelham 123″ and the Will Smith-starrer “Seven Pounds,” will produce. Steve Tisch, Jason Blumenthal, and Todd Black of the shingle will also produce; Chris Coggins and Lance Johnson will co-produce.

With the delicious double-entendre of a title, the film concerns a less-than-cool high-school senior with a part-time job at a movie theater who’s torn between losing her virginity to a geek who really likes her, a cool guy who probably won’t talk to her afterwards and a very attractive jock.

Parsons is repped by Paradigm and Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment.


When Megan sent me her script and I read its logline and then opened the script and saw that title, I immediatley laughed. And reading it showed that she had written a smart and funny script. There was work to be done on hammering out a stronger storyline and structure and making the protagonist more active, which is what I worked with her on, but obviously she has done that and all her success comes from her hard work and commitment to making it the best script she could. She did that and then proceeded to follow it up with submitting to contests (she won at the Cynosure Screenwriting Awards) and a funny query letter and … voila!


  • I also help writers with written material other than scripts. I worked with Chad Kinkle as he outlined and developed the story for his graphic novel HARPE: AMERICA’S FIRST SERIAL KILLERS, which is now in bookstores and on Amazon! This is a amazing — if gruesome — true story of a pair of brothers that wreaked bloody havoc in America in the late-1700’s and may have very well been this nation’s first true serial killers.

  • Baxter Taylor’s comedy TOUGH LUCK was one of the top winners at the Monterey Screenplay Competition! Baxter was flown to CA to take meetings with producers and agents and as a result of that his script was optioned by Hollywood production company Skyline Pictures! Baxter’s a dedicated screenwriter who honed TOUGH LUCK through several drafts, and it now contains some of the funniest moments I’ve read.He was also featured in an interview in HOLLYWOOD SCRIPTWRITER.

    So Baxter’s TOUGH LUCK has turned out to be very good luck for him.


  • I consulted on Laura Paglin’s independent movie NIGHTOWLS OF COVENTRY, which is now available on DVD at Borders, Blockbusters, Amazon, Netflix, etc.). It won the CineWomen In New York’s “Someone to Watch Award!” and as Laura put it, this “…actually means that I should be watched closely because I might steal $ for my next production!” Now that’s a shining example of a successful independent filmmaking mindset! But all kidding aside, Laura has worked hard on her craft (including her Sundance selected short, “No Umbrella”) and her tenacity and talent are truly inspiring.